aXbo International

The new
way to wake up

Pioneering technology

aXbo gently wakes you and your bed partner within 30 minutes of your set waking time.

How it works in 90 seconds:

Keep moving

The sensor in the wristband reacts to movements and wakes you up in your optimal sleep phase when you are almost already awake.


Refreshed & well rested guaranteed

The results
will convince you

» Get up easily
» Greater feeling of well-being
» Full productivity
» Higher level of concentration

Studies confirm
the benefits of aXbo

More convincing

» Very comfortable to wear
» Skin-firendly towelling
» Minimal electric smog
» Battery & mains operation

A sophisticated,
holistic concept


Free extra features

» Weekday alarm *NEW*
» Variable alarm time window
» Chill-out/falling asleep aid
» Intelligent snooze
» PowerNapping
» Graphical analysis

New innovations
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Customer reviews

"...I could not believe that
such a small device could
change getting up in the
morning so radically..." more»


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